Children’s Series

For those of you who read my blog titled “Encouraging a Love of Reading” (You can find it by going to the side bar, click on “Reading” and scrolling down), you know that one of the suggestions I made was to get your child hooked on reading a series.  This worked both for me, when I was a child, and for my son. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite children’s series for my readers. The links will bring you to either the whole series, the first few books in the whole series, or to the first book in the series, depending on what I could find.  I will be adding to this page, so if you see a series that you like that is not here, feel free to send a comment about it or contact me via the contact link at the top of the page.

This list has many older series on it. I like the older series because the children in them treat each other with respect (or if not, there are consequences).  Also, I am not including historical series on this list because they are already listed on the page titled “Historical Chapter Books.” (Link at the top of the page)

Disclosure: I have now become an Amazon Affiliate so if you purchase these books after clicking on their links, I will earn a small percentage of the profits.  I became an affiliate after some of my readers suggested it.


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