The Kilbride’s Photography Books and Projects

Click on the titles below the books to find them on Amazon.

Reflections 3 was designed for people suffering from dementia.

My Favorite Scriptures and Sayings is a book where you can write your own favorite scriptures and sayings alongside photography showing the beauty and wonder of nature. 

Daily Bible Verses to Refresh the Soul has the same photos as My Favorite Scriptures and Sayings, but instead of being a blank book, it has a year’s worth of daily Bible verses.

Hawaii Above and Below is full of nature photographs from the Kilbride’s adventures in Hawaii.

Ocean Encounters has photographs from the Kilbride’s underwater adventures.

The Hawai’iana Project was written by Susan Kilbride’s homeschool newspaper class. The students researched and wrote about Hawaii’s crafts and culture. The book was put into a special section of the Ohau library where it is guaranteed to remain for 100 years.

Disclosure: I have now become an Amazon Affiliate so if you purchase these books after clicking on their links, I will earn a small percentage of the profits.  I became an affiliate after some of my readers suggested it. (You can read the comments about it below.)

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