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A Pet Peeve

6 Nov


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A Pet Peeve

I am starting to have a “pet peeve.” We recently moved from a state that was full of homeschoolers (mostly because the state’s education system wasn’t all that great) to a state with less homeschoolers. Before we moved, if I mentioned to a stranger that we were homeschooling, I usually heard comments like, “That’s great! I wish I could homeschool.”

However, things are different now that we’ve moved, and I’m starting to notice a pattern to the comments. They all seem to focus on telling me a story about a homeschooler the person knows who has not turned out well. Actually, most of them are about homeschoolers who are still living at home as adults, although one was about a homeschooler who turned to drugs in college.

So here’s my pet peeve. . . . Homeschoolers are somehow expected to be different from other kids. If they don’t become little Einsteins, but are just normal kids, then somehow we’ve made a mistake in homeschooling them. And if, heaven forbid, they are living at home as adults, then somehow we’ve failed. Of course, the people who think this neglect to remember that young adults all over the country are tending to live at home more because of the current economy. But when homeschoolers do it, somehow we’ve failed.

When my private-schooled niece moved back home for a year after college while she was job hunting, it didn’t even cross my mind that her parents might have made a mistake sending her to an excellent private high school. So why is it that when a homeschooler moves back home it is considered “odd?” And as for the drugged-out homeschooler mentioned above, how many public-schooled kids turn to drugs in college? Zero?

Raising children to be responsible adults in this modern world is challenging for all parents these days—homeschooled or not.  Anyone who takes on the challenge deserves our respect, no matter what vehicle they use for their children’s schooling.