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Trinomials, Dementia, and Photography

9 Oct

Hello Everyone!

I have a new type of freebie for you today. It is a pdf on a new method of factoring trinomials that actually works! Thomas Richardson, the man who invented the method, asked me to make it available to the public for free, and the pdf is the result of my efforts to do this. I had never used this method and haven’t factored trinomials in at least twenty years, maybe longer, but once I did about five practice problems, I couldn’t believe how easily I caught on to it. I hope this method may help teachers, parents, and homeschoolers to make factoring trinomials not something to be dreaded. You can find this new pdf on the Lessons and Activities page of this website, or click on it here.

Now on to a different subject. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I have had a lot of life changes in the last few years. One of the major changes was that my father was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. Watching him and my mother go through this has been one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life. It is a horrible disease that we were totally unprepared for.

When my father was in the middle of his dementia journey, I read a book that I would like to recommend: Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s by Joanne Koenig Coste and Robert Butler . I wished that I had read it when we first learned of my father’s diagnosis. One thing the book taught me is that dementia not only changes a person’s thinking, it changes their vision. This gave me an idea. I would make a special photo book for my father with photographs that had high contrast to help him see them better and short sayings that he could read and hopefully understand. Nature photography has been a family hobby for a number of years, and my husband, son, and I had already put together a number of nature photography books. I went through our old books and chose the photos with the most contrast, put the book together and gave it to my father for Christmas. It was a hit! For the next couple of years, we had something to hand to him that kept his interest. The book is called Reflections 3 and is available on Amazon. I have added a new page to this website titled “The Kibride’s Photography Books and Projects,” that showcases this book along with some of our family’s other nature photography books. Taking nature photos with my family has been a fun and satisfying family hobby throughout the years. I highly recommend finding something you can do together as a family that you all enjoy. It will bring you closer to each other.


Disclosure: I have now become an Amazon Affiliate so if you purchase these books after clicking on their links, I will earn a small percentage of the profits.  I became an affiliate after some of my readers suggested it. (You can read the comments about it below.)